Established in 1998, Clarity Communications originally provided sales and engineering support to a number of wireline carriers in the Southeastern United States.  Specializing in the design and sale of large bandwidth applications, Clarity quickly became a key driver of network expansion within the enterprise, carrier, wireless, government, and internet markets.

As successful as the company was in representing its portfolio of carrier clients, Clarity often discovered customer needs outside the scope of the represented carrier networks. Identifying the opportunity to serve this demand, Clarity established LMK Communications, LLC in 2000 as its own regulated entity holding Interexchange Carrier (IXC) and Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) licenses. This allowed the company to begin selling private line and internet facilities directly to end users.

Clarity operated the sales and engineering arm in parallel with the IXC and CLEC operations for over a decade. When bandwidth demands were uncovered that could not be supported by existing carrier channels, Clarity’s IXC division would step in to fulfill the need. This strategy allowed Clarity’s IXC to grow organically, gradually building a solid base of direct end user customers in both Tier 1 and Tier 2 markets.

By 2012, Clarity’s IXC had significantly expanded and the company focused on building its own long haul and metro fiber optic networks in support of growing customer demand.

Today, Clarity owns and operates a 550-mile fiber optic network in Eastern, NC, a Wide Area Network (WAN) serving the Southeast, and a number of metro fiber optic networks in the South Atlantic States of NC, SC and GA. Our product line includes Ethernet Transport, Wavelengths, Dedicated Internet Access and Dark Fiber. Additionally, Clarity operates carrier grade data center facilities in Raleigh, NC and Greensboro, NC with secure, environmentally diverse rack space.

The company is run by a dedicated team of telecommunications professionals with a commitment to quality and a passion for serving our customers’ networking needs.