Internet Connectivity Up to 100 Gbps
Full Bandwidth Allocation, No Best Effort or Sharing
Service Customized for Business Needs
Direct Access to Content Providers

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from Clarity Communications provides powerful access to the internet for businesses who cannot afford to rely on “best effort” network arrangements.  Our Dedicated Internet Access guarantees a full performance connection that is symmetrical and delivered to your organization 24/7. You will be given a committed rate speed that will perform consistently, not an up to rate speed that may come and go as other users access the internet. Consider it your own personal dedicated fast lane to the internet, not a shared highway that is prone to congestion.

Dedicated access to the internet ensures consistently reliable upload and download speeds, fully separated from other customers with top of the line security and performance.


  • Speeds from 50 Mbps to 100 Gbps
  • Fully symmetrical upstream and downstream
  • Multiple routing options
  • Congestion free